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Out living my days, accelerating the best of luck to the brink of no return, and shocking them all when in doubt of never making the most important cut I could ever make, Remembrance.



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to quote hamlet act III scene iii line 92, “no”

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Living in a world where taking a chance, isn’t even an option, because we’ve slowly become to scared of certain outcomes, may it be commitment or rejection.

I’m more along the lines of living until your last breath and also never regretting, that I’m gonna be remembered, regardless of the rejections, injections that I no longer live again with a positive path, roger rabbit never roger’d that, but he’s got the idea of hoppin’ past. I lost my wrath, my attitude, always being laid back..

Too much on my toes to know what to enjoy or what I can hold, on to, I longed to, or for, four more, is it wrong to? Smoke what won’t take the pain away, nothing better than an alcoholic trying to drowned himself on a rainy day, and this is my head the lately days..


Day 17, becoming hipster makes people talk to you, voluntarily. And this hot chocolate is to DIE for. #life #blacksheepcoffeehouse #places #coffeeshops
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Icefall Brook (by Glacier Fed)

Fucking shit.